• :  EK-120
  • :  120W
  • :  optional
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Rated voltage: 220-240 vac
Rated frequency: 50/60 hz, dc motor
Rated power: 120 w
Material: ABS fuselage
Other: the standard small serrated knife, equipped with large serrated knife

Fall prevention packaging
(Box) 20'(Box) 40'(Box) 40HQ(Box)
12 8820 18576 21564

Feature - electric knife
1. The highest industry standard, all products comply with European CE standards, German GS, the European Union, EMC electromagnetic compatibility standards.
2. The green environmental protection material, all parts meet the eu environmental protection standard of RoHS directive, WEEE directive, REACH regulation, PFOS and PAHS regulations, etc.
3. The pure copper motor, high speed large torque, strong and durable, more efficient;ABS solid material, humanized design, hand-held operation, accord with human body engineering, the reassuring choice!
4. Special return key, the blade is easy disassembly, easy to clean.
5. Point switch, safe and convenient.
6. Can be sliced bread, meat, fruits and vegetables.
Product certificate
EK-120-CERT_GS.pdf EK-120-CERT_EMC.pdf EK-120-SAA.pdf