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  • :  HM-682C
  • :  220-240V 50/60Hz 200W
  • :  white
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1, Product features:
A, the use of the food mixer, egg white, batter, various kinds of salads, cream, butter, dough material such as;
B, mixing liquid functions, such as dairy products, spices, fruit juice, soup, mixed drinks, cocktails, etc;
C, adopts the European style of streamline design and humanized design concept, more fashion, superior features, superior quality;
D, 5 gear, accelerate setting, stirring stick pop-up device, a dedicated stirring stick convenient installation, time-saving and convenient;
E, equipped with a strong and safe motor, the rotation of the more than 25000 revolutions per minute effectively shorten the cooking time.
F, moderate size, do not take your position in the kitchen
G, energy saving, high efficiency, complete function, can satisfy your different needs;
H, the built-in EMC, anti interference, radiation protection, in line with international standards.
I, product standards:, GB4706.30 GB4706.1-2005-2005.