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Ladies and gentlemen:
Welcome you visit to remit to electric appliance co., LTD. Web site, send can expect from all walks of life friend's understanding and cooperation, and remit to the growth process of mutual interest with us.
Guangdong shunde hui electrical appliance co., LTD., founded in 1994.This for 16 years, hui people adhering to the "honesty, cooperation, win-win" business philosophy and "mind polygala, collaboration, forge ahead, never give up" team spirit, in the development strategy, business model, product technology, manufacturing technology, enterprise culture constantly blaze new trails, has obtained the good economic benefits and remarkable social benefits, the company changed from small to big, from weak strength, of a ship's flagship sail bravely in the tide of market economy.Can send today without the strong support of the people, here, on behalf of the company leadership group to work hard to employees, can remit all the attention, support the development of strategic partners to extend my sincere thanks and friends from all walks of life!
In today's changing, the rapid development of science and technology, the pattern of global economic integration has potential irreversible, China's national industry in the international advanced concepts, advanced technology, also under the influence of the rapid rise.Can send electric appliance co., LTD. "to meet customer requirements, realize the value of employees, embodies the social responsibility" as own duty, unswervingly the path of industrialization dominated by professional product technology advantage, strive to build the international advanced appliances manufacturing enterprises, for the revitalization of national electrical industry unremitting enterprising.
Can I have the honor to collect together through wind and rain, the entrepreneurial come, I firmly believe that: young, full of youthful spirit can remit, in my colleagues and I together, will have a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow.